Siebenhütten Alpine Hut

The Siebenhütten Alpine Hut on Mt. Petzen was leased by us the first time for the winter season 2021/2022.
We wish all the best for the upcoming season, good weather and many sunny hours to all guests and visitors of Mt. Petzen!

In addition to invigorating tea and coffee, we also offer refreshing drinks, soups, snacks for in between and daily specials to fight huge hunger attacks.

Self-service is common in Berggasthof Siebenhütten and on the sun deck.

The opening times of the Berggasthof Siebenhütten are tied to the operating hours of the Petzen Cable Car and it is normally open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (except in bad weather, blizzard, storms, technical interruption or when closed).

Bergasthof Siebenhütten

Mt. Petzen

(Slovenian Peca) is the Karawanken mountain range forming the border area between Carinthia and Slovenia.
It is located in the
Geopark Karawanken on the outskirts of Bleiburg. The highest peak is Kordeschkopf (2126 m), the easternmost two-thousand-meter peak of the Southern Limestone Alps.

The Petzen area is characterized by its rich biodiversity and geodiversity and is one of the country’s sensitive natural areas. In addition to the species-rich flora with some endangered, rare, endemic and protected plant species, the fauna is also home of rare and strictly protected animal species.

The Petzen is open to tourists and is a popular leisure destination for nature and sports enthusiasts in both summer and winter. Therefore, special care is required and any disturbance of flora and fauna, especially contamination, is to be avoided at all costs!

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